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                                                                UNPAID REGISTERED BRIDE /GROOM

A bride or groom  became unpaid registered bride or groom without payment by making on line registration to the centre  web site www.siddhishaadi.com  the registration is being completed after submitting all documents and then registration number.  (not membership number )  will be allotted.

 services  :- 1) The bio-data & photo of  all unpaid registered bride or groom will be published on web site of the centre for 1 year without payment.  2) The bio-data and details will provided to other members of the centre who  shows interest  in  ‘unpaid registered bride or groom’ profile and who makes  inquiry.

                                                 विनामूल्य नोंदणीकृत वधु – वर

वधु  अथवा वर यांची केंद्राच्या www.siddhishaadi.com   या वेबसाइटवरील फॉर्म भरून विनामुल्य  नोंदणी   केली जाते. सर्व कागदपत्रांची पूर्तता  केल्यानंतर विनामुल्य  ‘ नोंदणीकृत  वधु – वर  क्रमांक ‘ ( वर्गणीदार सभासद क्रमांक नाही ) दिला जातो.  सेवा:- 1)  वधु  अथवा वर यांचा  फ़ोटो व माहिती  केंद्राच्या वेबसाइटवर एक वर्षा साठी विनामुल्य प्रसिद्ध केली जाते.  2) वधु  अथवा  वर यांची फ़ोटो व माहिती  केंद्राच्या   इतर  सभासदानी  लाइक केल्यानंतर अथवा पसंती दाखविल्यानंतर त्यांना दिली जाते.


                                                   SUBSCIRBED MEMBER  & MEMBERSHIP FEES  

                                                                       SUBSCIRBED MEMBER  

A Bride or Groom became Subscribed Member after making payment of Membership fee & submitting all documents.  Then he is called as “subscribed member.”A Bride or Groom became Subscribed Member after making payment of Membership fee & submitting all documents . Then he is called as “subscribed member.”

services :-

  1. The subscribed member is entitled to receive  monthly publication of “ Vyapar Udyog Express”  by post for 1 year.
  1. as per the subscribed member likeness or request profile of other brides/ grooms will be provided through email/ telephone, sms or courior.
  2. profile information will be provided to other bride & groom who shows interest  in the profile or  who click “liked”  to subscribed  member
  3. profile & photo will be published on website.
  4. profile & photo will be edited two times as per request of the members on website .

                                                   वर्गणीदार सभासद व वर्गणी  शुल्क

अ)  वर्गणीदार सभासद

वधु  अथवा वर यांना वर्गणी शुल्क भरून वेबसाइटवरील फॉर्म भरून  ‘वर्गणीदार सभासद’  ( सब्सक्राइब्ड मेंबर) होता येते. सर्व कागदपत्रांची पूर्तता  केल्यानंतर व सभासद क्रमांक दिला जातो व त्यांचा  उल्लेख ‘वर्गणीदार सभासद’  असा होतो.  सेवा:- 1) वर्गणीदार सभासदास ‘व्यापार उद्योग एक्सप्रेस’ हा  दर महिन्याला प्रसिध्द होणारा अंक विनामुल्य पोस्टने पाठविला जातो. 2) वर्गणीदार सभासदने लाइक केलेल्या अथवा पसंत केलेल्या स्थळांचे  फ़ोटो व माहिती ईमेल, टेलीफोन,एसएमएस अथवा कुरियर द्वारे सभासदाना पाठविली जाते. 3) इतर सभासदानी लाइक केल्यास किवा  पसंती दाखविल्यास त्याना वर्गणीदार सभासदांचा फोटो व माहिती दिली जाते. 4) वर्गणीदार सभासदांची माहिती  व फ़ोटो  वेबसाइटवर प्रसिध्द   केला  जातो. 5) वर्गणीदार सभासदाच्या सुचनेनुसार वर्षातून दोनदा फ़ोटो व माहिती या संबधी बदल केला जातो.

                                                                                     B) MEMBERSHIP FEES  & PAYMENT  TERMS  

                                                                          FIRST YEAR MEMBERSHIP FEE RS. 750/-  2)  RENEWAL FEE RS. 700/-                                                                                                                                                                      PAYMENT  TERMS

Send cheque or draft  in favour of “Vyapar Udyog Welfare Communication”  of following address Vyapar Udyog Express  124, Vyapar  Bhavan 49, P.D. Mello Road, Masjid-East,  Mumbai – 400 009.


THE MAHANAGAR CO-OP. BANK LTD.    59, P.D. MELLOW ROAD,CARNAC BUNDER,   MUMBAI-400 009. RTGS/NEFT CODE  MCBL0960002,  CURRENT A/C NO.  002011200004346,   MICOR NO.  400096002.
  1. ‘ Siddhivinayak Matrimonial Consultancy Centre’  Providing matrimony  consultancy / guidance/services here before and  here after called as ‘Centre’ Siddhivinayak Matrimonial Consultancy Centre’ is being managed & controlled by ‘ Vyapar Udyog Welfare Communication’  a Bombay based organisation now here before and here after called as ‘ Institute.’
  2. Centre having website www.siddhishaadi.com  Now here before and here after called as ‘Centre website’  person who applied for registration either manually or through online now here before and here after called as ‘Applicant.’
    Candidates/Applicant who is being allotted registration number
  3. All registration by on line only but in special circumstances registration at office with prior appointment.
    The amount of registration fees is as follow
    Unpaid Registered Bride or Groom – Nil

    Subscribed Membership fee – As per details given above.   All Cheque , drafts, payorder, Payment for Subscription of  Membership Fees etc.Should be in favour of “VYAPAR UDYOG WELFARE COMMUNICATION”  
    Note : No. registration charge (free registration) for “unpaid registered Bride or Groom” (not subscribed member)
  4. Documents required for registration is as follow :
    These documents is to be send to centre by E-mail of the centre or zerox copy duly signed by candidate is to be send to the postal address of the centre.
    a)     Kundali.                 b) Bio-data  (preferably typed).
    c)     Colour Photo (Passport & Post Card size) 2 photo.
    d)    Photo evidence Pan Card, Election Card, Driving Licence.
    All document to be signed by the candidate himself.
  5. After registration all members will be allotted membership number and then members photo and some information will submitted on website. Applicant / Member submitting profile on website through online he need not have to sign on any application or document but it is assumed that he is aware the terms condition or service agreement of the centre and he agree and assure to bind with the terms condition or service agreement.
  6. While making correspondence with centre members shall mention their registration number. Member should contact directly to the match Candidate / Member if satisfied after getting  information from Centre.
  7. Centre  is providing  information & address (maximum five candidate at one time) twice in a month (between 15 day difference).
  8. Details of  information is to obtained by sending E-mail. While calling information on telephone it is necessary to inform registration number, name of the member. Strictly telephone and information to be called between working hours. of the centre. Sorry for Services other than working hours.
  9. No details of Address & Telephone number Birth place, Date, Time of the match candidate is available on website. Members can get this information through E-mail or on Telephone.
  10. Renewal of registration is to completed with 30 days from the date of expiry of registration failing registration will be cancelled.

Other Terms and Conditions

  1. Members bio-data, Photo and other information is being released /published on website, periodicals, associated marriage beauro/mandal by the Centre. As regard any wrong information or printing misstate noticed by the member he should immediately within 15 days inform to the centre. So that Centre will make immediate correction. If no intimation is being received Centre will not be held responsible.
  2. If the marriage is being arranged due to own contact by through other matrimony/marriage beauro the members should immediately inform to the Centre.
  3. After marriage is being arranged member should take back his Photo, Bio-data, Kundali within 30 days from the date of arrangement of marriage. Failing which Centre will not be held responsible.
  4. Centre cannot  give any assurance or guarantee of arranging marriage within specific period because arrangement of marriage depends on both party and match of Bridge & Grooms.
  5. Centre is providing information and consultation. Any problem arising is future for which Centre is not responsible. As a result for safe side before arranging marriage one should confirm the validity of the Bio-data and information provided by the Centre and Then he should take decision.
  6. At the time of registration with Centre Applicant/Member should provide correct information. It is there moral responsibility. All Applicants & Members should take care of this. Incase wrong,  false information provided manually, Online orally or any media he will be individually &  jointly responsible.
  7.  Applicants/Members providing bio-data information to the Centre is assured to have agreed with terms, condition/ service agreement of the Centre. The information of member is vulnerable and unsecured after publication of  information on website, print media or any other media some problems of risks arise (like Privacy Exposure, Damages due to Viruses and many more). If Applicant/Member does not wish to be subjected to those risk He/She is advised by the Centre/ institute that they should not use the web application service and should not apply for Membership and do not send any information to the Centre.
  8. Due to any reason or any activity by the applicant /members Centre /institutes likely to comes in problem then Centre/institute reserve his right to reject the application or cancel delete the Application membership.
  9. Information received from the Centre should not be misused falling which his membership will be cancelled and for legal activity necessary action will be taken by Centre.
  10. Any dispute between Centre/Institute, and applicant /members also all Other related Party is within the Jurisdiction of Mumbai Court Only.

11. Centre/institute reserve the right to add/modify /delete/alter   /suspend from time to time in Terms, Condition/Service                             agreement as above.